Routes and Surroundings

The territory proposed by the North-West of Sardinia is certainly beautiful and fascinating and can count on varied attractions that go beyond the beauty of the sea and its beaches.
The Riviera del Corallo, about 20 minutes drive from the Finagliosu Holiday Farm, offers sea, beaches, culture, entertainment, environment and archeology within a few kilometers and is the ideal place to spend a holiday in accordance with their needs.
The Catalan town of Alghero is the "capital" of the Coral Coast and is popular among the young perticularly that are easy to find space and fun thanks to the numerous nightclubs entertained by animation and music. But Alghero is not only fun at night because the day has beaches, sea and special attractions like the "Grotte di Nettuno" and the Natural Park of Capo Caccia. No shortage of cultural events, theater and sporting events as well as you can make excursions by land or by sea, to achieve the license for scuba diving, experience the thrill of sailing etc..