Finagliosu Holiday Farm

The Finagliosu holiday farm centre consists of an old "Quile" (house of pastors) located in Nurra (rural area in the town of Sassari), made of stone and completely renovated.
Its position is dominant and has a splendid sea view from where you can admire the beautiful sunsets, the sun disappears slowly in sea of Sardinia, the olive trees are bent by the wind mistral, the beautiful coast made of hauls, creeks, small beaches and rocks covered with maquis proposes colors and fragrances unique and wonderful.
The night under the starry sky, you can hear the bells of flocks that graze in open fields.
The company basa, almost exclusively, on Own products that are processed and processed in the traditional way and that  reach a level of high quality.
INTERNET - The Farm Finagliosu is equipped with internet connection