Educational Farm

fattoria didattica finagliosu

2013, the
Holiday Farm Finagliosu is an Educational Farm recognized by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.
The Farm Finagliosu offers educational courses dedicated to young children in kindergarten and elementary school. The objective is to provide children with the knowledge necessary for the performance of some simple processes such as, for example, that of the passage from milk to cheese. At the same time young people will be involved in the operations and will participate actively in the implementation of the final product.
In this way, Rita and Gavino, owners of the Farm Finagliosu, want to give children the love for the land (inherited from their grandparents) and the products that it offers us and, at the same time, respect for nature that is to animals (present in large amounts in the company).
The hope is to ensure that the children of today are men and women pay more attention to those that are the values ​​that nature gives us but also for people who love their country and who are thoroughly familiar with its fruits.
INTERNET - The Farm Finagliosu is equipped with internet connection